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These Terms and Conditions apply to your use of the sachvac uk website and every order placed with us. We're passionate about our customers and making sure that you're happy and so the following sets out the terms and conditions that apply to your order in what we hope is a straight-forward and customer friendly way.

When you place an order, you are offering to buy the product(s) from us and we will send you an order acknowledgement. However, your offer shall only be accepted by us once we place the product you have ordered onto the delivery van and only then shall a legally binding contract be formed between us. Until then we can decline to supply the goods – we will try to ensure that this never happens but we do however, reserve the right not to fulfil your order for any reason if, for example, we have made an error on the price or similar or we simply can't get hold of the model you need. In the event of these circumstances we will refund you any price you’ve paid to us.

discount codes

Unique codes are a little different from our normal discount codes but everything mentioned here still applies. Your unique discount code has been generated especially for you and can only be used once. When you’re ready to redeem your offer, simply copy to your order. You’ll find this on the leaflet or card sent to you by post. This code can only be redeemed by email, and it's valid for orders placed over the phone.

installation services

We offer an installation service for all the machines we sell. If you're making use of a installation service and haven’t booked us to do the installation, you need to arrange it as ap. From time to time we may offer installation services as part of a promotion, for example half price or free installation. Postcode restrictions apply, you can find out if installation is available in your area by contacting us

Our Liability to You

Here at SACHVAC UK, we strive to deliver a great service to every customer. We also like to be honest and fair in all we do, so we acknowledge that sometimes mistakes happen. If a circumstance arises where we are accountable for a mistake, we want to ensure you that we take full responsibility. If, during the installation process our team causes any accidental damage to any of our products, we will repair or replace the damaged produt(s)


SACHVAC UK, reserves the right to refuse delivery or to accept an order from a client that has not paid in full or a portion, of any ordered product. All payments must be done by Bank Transfer in a maximum of 3 working days upon accepting the quotation of order. After this deadline, the order may be cancelled. No orders will be placed before the full payment is made unless priviously  arrangements have been made between SACHVAC UK and the Customer.
​​ warranty

The 5 years extended guarantee (VAC DIGITAL and VAC DYNAMIC) covers for the provision of replacements for those parts deemed to be defective by SACH authorized service engineers. The extended guarantee does not include for labour costs in repairing or shipment costs in returning the central vacuum unit or travel costs for a service engineer in the event that repairs need to be carried out at the place of installation of the central Vacuum unit. 

The guarantee does not cover consumable ítems such as polyester filters, motor brushes, hoses, brushes, or other vacuming  tools. The guarantee does not cover defects or malfunctions resulting from negligence, incorrect usage, electrical spikes or surges or incorrect maintenance. 

The guarantee is automatically invalidated in the event of any of the following: 
   a. Repair of the product by a service engineer not recognized by SACH. 
   b. Inappropriate use of the central vacuum unit (eg the vacuuming of builder’s dust, liquids, ashes.etc)

Conditions for extending the guarantee to 5 years.  

For the guarantee extension to apply the following conditions must be satisfied:  
1) The product guarantee has to be registered online with the customer receiving an e-mail confirmation from the manufacturer, having verified the accuracy of the information provided. 

2) The central vacuum unit has to be serviced by an authorized service engineer within 3 years or (360 hours of usage in the case of a VAC Digital model only) from the date of installation. The guarantee assumes as a pre-requisite that the user implements regular maintenance as detailed in the user manual. The guarantee is automatically invalidated in the event that the central vacuum unit is located at an address which does not correspond with that appearing on the guarantee application. 

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